Know Thyself - To Thine Own Self BeTrue.

Who is that Self?

Welcome to SouthernLight Shamanic Laboratory.

This website offers you a practical guide to self-healing by opening your awareness to the source of your creativity which, once activated, will bring you consciously onto your path, your soul purpose journey. All the world's a stage and as one of its major players we invite you to come into our theatre of the Self and play.

Sue Ingleton

Internationally renowned shamanic facilitator and healer, Sue Ingleton is well known to theatre goers and standup audiences. She finds no major shifts in her theatrical career as she deals with angst and pain, laughter and the shedding of layers of character traits, people's deep fears, surface masks and attachments to the outmoded patterns they carry. It's no exaggeration to say that one is in for a roller coaster ride with many sweet and sour lollies along the way once this extraordinary woman gets you into her energy.

"I work within the paradigms of CHE chakra balancing and body memory release. It is the shamanic way of illuminating and clearing the energies of the chakras, both physically and metaphysically. Your body will give you answers if you know how to speak with it. I’ve been lucky to live a life in which my work and my art are one unified, chaotic whirlwind. I’ve been on an amazing journey myself, the crusader, the shape–shifter, the seeker and the teacher. From architecture which was merely a stop gap to performing, from performing which was an outlet for writing, from writing which became a focus for teaching and from teaching which so rattled me to the core it made me start all over again as a student. I am still doing all of these things but now I’m doing it through the magic energy which brings all of them together and — through the grace of the gods — will bring all of us together."

"I have always been lured towards the mythic, the fairytale and their connections to our soul purpose journeys - they feature strongly in both my healing workshops and my theatrical writings. I now work intensively with the labyrinth, most ancient tool of divination and a powerful source of information for us today."

Walking the shaman's path she brings great joy and laughter to all of her workshops.