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Writing Workshops


Sue Ingleton is a brilliant dramaturg.

Using her shamanic techniques of working from the Source, with detachment and through Higher-Self dialogue she takes the writer deep into their creative source. Characters begin to talk and scenes arising from dreamwork and spiralling time techniques deepen the layers of complaxity in the writing and clatiry in the intention.

Existing Work

If you have already written what you think is a play then working with Sue will really power you on into the truth and the understanding of it, and bring to fruition all of your ideas. It will also uncover deep layers in the psyche, layers that will lead you to the secret centre of what you have truly written.

New Work

If you want to write a play and have your subject matter in hand then , before you begin writing, allow Sue to facilitate you through her shamanic process of working holistically with mind, body and spirit. She will teach how to tap into your higher-self energies thus allowing the play to come forth in an unguarded, non-judgemental way! The results of this method are utterly wonderful and revelatory to the writer.

Workshops: one on one.

Fees negotiable. Times negotiable