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Writing on Inspiration


This method that I call Writing on Inspiration teaches us, through suggestion and visualisation, to listen to the voice of the subconscious, that's the voice some of us call our intuition. We learn that we have to push aside the 'judge' in us -the ego, to literally shut it up so that we can work clearly through the higher-self energy that comes from the right brain, the deeply creative intuitive, dark side. We dream from the right side of the brain, now we can learn to operate more freely from that source. It is truly The Source for it taps into that part of you that is like a direct phone line to Spirit. It's so exciting! It's so easy! At the end of the writing you literally say- I didn't write this did I? Wow!

Why come?

So why should I come you ask? I think you just need to have a sense inside you that you want to say something. You might be a writer with writer's block! You may be a writer who has a great idea but cant make it happen the way you intuitively feel it should. You may never have written anything in your life.

I really like to have people come who don't know what they want to say but just feel a need to write.

Please apply for session times for Writing on Inspiration. You may like to organise your own group or club. It's a wonderful activity and promotes great trust and sensitivity within your group.

Sessions times preferably 9am - 1pm
All sessions are four hours and max number of writers 8
You must not miss the first session
Workshops times will be posted soon