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© Sue Ingleton

Zeus was the Greek’s god, raised to supremacy over Rhea, original mother of all the Gods who was, herself quickly demoted to the position of his spouse. Thus, after milleniums of the more nascent image of the Great Mother who embodied the powers of birth, life and death and was continuously revealed on the earth in the great round of the seasons, Zeus, fulfilling the Man Made in God’s Image myth, anointed the masculine with godlike power. He legitimised rape and invented male birthing power, giving birth to Athena from his head and Dionysus from his thigh. The Zeus Principle returned at the end of the Millenium in its new form, the white-coated Masculinist Science of Reproduction and Genetic Manipulation.

Would some men be Zeus if they could? What is the connection between the ancient paradigm of Zeus and where men and women stand today in relationship to the earth and to each other?

It is surely time to take stock.
To pretend ignorance is not to live in bliss but to side-step one’s duty to experience in full the sacredness of life and liberty. There is a force from within that calls us to acknowledge our inner wisdom and come into full consciousness. Sleepers awake ! It has been said before.

Taking stock reveals the horrendous imbalance to which we have seemingly become numb. Let us begin with the children.
Abused, negated, untutored; overloaded with adult expectations, yet denied childhood simplicities; given too much power yet never honoured; discarded all over the planet yet desperately being created in laboratories to satisfy individual desires and greed.

Let us move on to the planet itself. Riddled with chemicals, depleted in species, overburdened natural resources, forgotten cycles, and obliterated and dismembered symbols of the true feminine nature of the Earth which leaves us as desperate, unhealthy survivors, parasitically sucking at the breast of our Mother. Too strong? Nay.

And now let us turn to the science and technology of man.
Having abandoned the muthos of the feminine intuition in favour of the logos of the masculine rationale we observe in civilisation the insidious separation of spirit from matter. Nothing so dangerous to the Feminine has ever been said than cogito ergo sum, Descarte’s cornerstone of the Patriarchy: I think therefore I am. The rise of science and technology evolved naturally as a result of, rather than in opposition to the domination of the patriarchal religions. These religions, as we have long been aware could only thrive under the patriarchy at the expense of the feminine principle; in essence the continued existence of the patriarchal society depends entirely upon the negation and if possible the extinction of the feminine principle.

At the end of the millenium we saw the BBC series, ‘The Baby Makers’ on ABC TV documenting the history of IVF technology. It is worth considering this series as both a revealing and damning document of where humankind now stands- on the brink of extinction.

The engineers of IVF were Drs. Steptoe and Edwards. Steptoe, revealed in the series to be an arrogant man, harboured a deep desire to become legitimised into English society. He got so close but was frustrated in his purpose by succumbing to his Lord and Maker the day before he was due to receive a high award from his Queen at Buckingham Palace. Edwards, who is still alive, appeared on the screen as righteous, reasonable and frustrated in unrecognised ambition to change the world. Both men, alive and dead, are now lauded, correctly, as the Fathers of this shattering technology and both men, I venture to say, represent in this stage of human development, the final supremacy of the Masculine principle over and above the Feminine.

In Vitro Fertilisation is an alarmingly simple recipe. Harvest, then remove the ovum from the female body, place it in a petrie dish and add sperm collected from the male body and watch the sperm go for the egg. As soon as it is successfully fertilised, observe that cell division is taking place and then transfer the now fertilised ovum back into the womb of the female and hope it will embed itself in the lining of the uterus and proceed to a full pregnancy. If all goes well a baby human being will result.
Surest form of delivery: caesarean [from Caesar : absolute ruler; temporal monarch; autocrat; civil power;]

Is it possible to see IVF technology as the final nail in the coffin of the Feminine? Let us consider first, with as much cool rationale as we can muster, some intuitive observations regarding the motives of the Baby-Making men of science as so succinctly revealed in the BBC program.
Motives are easily stated and can obfuscate, even to the holder, opposing subconscious desires which may stem I suggest from fears of basic inadequacy or anger. Many times one thinks one acts for the good of others but there is often a hidden agenda which may simply be one of self- preservation.

This subject is fraught with emotional bear-traps and one must be alert to where one places the foot so let us stand still for a moment of detachment to consider what I have been given to understand.

I suggest that, in line with the whole history of the patriarchy women are facing as never before the reality of male womb/birth envy. The power to give birth remains as the greatest power on this earth. It belongs to women, but only just. The Greeks gave it to their God, Zeus. The Christians relieved their Mary of two aspects of the original Triple Goddess power by both making and keeping her a Virgin, no sexual power and no dark terror, no death in fact as they allowed her body not to rot in the tomb of the Great Mother but to be assumpted to Heaven to the sterile place of the Father.
That these men of science are driven by altruistic motives to give people the child they could never have does not correlate with the evidence on the planet where the desire for and the care of children is certainly not revealed as uppermost in the actions of men.
Truer, underlying motives have already been exposed through the work of genetic manipulation and cloning. Its not hard to believe that already, somewhere on the planet there are scientists watching a cloned human develop in a glass womb with not a woman in sight. They have already, in Italy, paid a woman to implant a clone into her womb.

The BBC program ‘The Baby Makers’ was full of imagery of male physicians pouring (sometimes pawing) over the reproductive organs of women. Fibre-optic technology now allows the male eye into the inner sanctum, the hidden mystery, the sacred and taboo core of the Temenos, the Female Body. This terminology is not extreme and will be analysed further as we proceed

A saying goes thus: men make history and women make mystery

women have so many secret pockets and undiscovered ravines the government never dreamed.
If protests arise they will come from the women. The men wear their lives and thoughts like outhouses,
big barns on their estates that can be burned down without a trace of the harvest; but these pleated females
with their folds and tucks and creases- some part of their lives will never be cleaned away;
it is they who will keep the race- the memory. Flower seed in the crack of the world.
-Janet Frame

Women are mysterious. Our physicality is mysterious. On men everything is hung on the outside, on women it lies hidden deep within our folds and inside our bulges. Our sexuality, because it is so deep has, in the past been dismissed as non-existent. The male member erect has symbolically defined sexuality for centuries but the female sexual organs relating to the clitoris are now known to be huge and hidden across the whole base of the perineum. Female orgasm, multiple orgasm is huge and powerful and can involve involuntary release of huge amounts of magical fluid the name of which has been lost in time but has now revealed to be the magical 'amrita' of the Starfire Priestesses whose history is documented in Lawrence Gardner's 'Bloodline of the Holy Grail'. Our entire bodies are secret doors to ecstasy. We were the Priestesses of the Temple, representatives of the Goddess and without access to our bodies men could not be crowned kings or sit in their power. The power of Shakti.

In this society the power of the Shakti force is not recognised but men know, any man knows who has come together with a woman who is in her sexual power that it far outstrips his own; a woman's sex has ruled the world from time’s dawning. Men have aspired since that time to copy and reproduce that power, they have wanted it, desired it, feared it, legislated against it and negated it. Connected to that power, the other side of that power, is the holy and sacred arrow of sexuality-the creation of life. But unlike animals a woman’s sexual appetite is not connected with reproduction. A man’s sexual appetite is however basically connected to reproduction. Every time he has sex he produces 20 million sperm (numbers are dropping) in an orgasm. That’s his orgasm. A woman produces nothing but ‘amrita’. The flow of fluids that sprays from her urethra is not connected with her bowels but with the glands of the clitoris which is a huge organ secreted inside the whole perineal area. It has nothing to do with reproduction. Whether or not she is ovulating a woman can have orgasm after orgasm, can produce the flow of fluids, copious amounts that can soak a mattress! Such a release can be triggered by partnerships of a highly sexual nature but once she has tapped into it she can produce this flow whilst masturbating.

Women are in tune with the stars. Women have a blood cycle which mirrors the cycles of the moon and therefore the planets. It dominates us for all of our lives even as we retain our Wise Blood. As the moon pulls the tides across the surface of the earth so does it pull our fluids from us. We bleed and we don’t die. In ancient days it was acknowledged that women held the power of life and death. Birth and death were inextricably linked to a woman’s body. When woman bled it was believed that she had chosen to kill the life inside her, when she didn’t bleed she had chosen to give that life to the world. Menstruation was the most powerful time for a woman because it was held that at that time she was in her darkest power, the power of Death and it corresponded to the Dark Moon. Some people do not know, even now that there is one night of each lunar month where there is NO moon. It dies and is reborn. Women chose to be secluded at this time to honour that power. Men now choose to exclude women at that time because, they say, we are contaminated- a masculinist point of view - with a power that is greater than theirs. Ancient paradigms, ancient beliefs. Perhaps the major process of the patriarchal age has been to destroy mystery, not just women’s mysteries but nature’s mysteries, planetary mysteries, God’s mysteries.

The nature of the masculine, of the Yang is to blow things apart, to burst them open, the energy breaks out, creates new energy. It is a masculine force that should be healthier, renewing, and balancing the Yin which is the receptive, inward-folding, stealthy, spiralling, nurturing energy of the feminine. Men and women hold both energies in balance inside them. In order to create we must be able to destroy. First principle of the Goddess power.

From the BBC program and from years of intuitive observations regarding the motives of the Baby-Making Men of Science a ghastly truth is emerging. Complete human beings cannot be created outside a woman’s body. You can create physiological beings, male or female, in a petrie dish and use a woman’s body for incubation but you are dealing only with the mundane quality of matter and ‘life’. There is no doorway for the sacred spirit, the soul, the quickening to enter the body in a petrie dish. Man’s IVF version of life lives without that. The difference between a house and a home. A house is a completed, liveable building but a home has a hearth and a fire within, it is the source of love.

the fount of life- the source the quick spring that rises in illimitable depths of
darkness and flows through every living thing from generation to generation.
It is what we feel mounting in us when we say; I know! I love! I am!
-Rosamund Lehman

In the world as it now is, infertility is a crime against nature, an unacceptable state and loaded onto couples as a failure to shape up to expectation. Causes of infertility can usually be laid back at the door of science- chemical overloads in our food chain and water systems, especially the well-documented presence of oestrogen causing the feminisation of the masculine of the species in the animal kingdom. Because of the 80%+ failure rate of IVF thousands and thousands of women are constantly plunged into an even deeper depression than when they started. Their partners suffer too but remember, their partner’s bodies are free of blame. The program ‘The Baby Makers’ exposed, unwittingly perhaps, the nature of the male psyche around the feminine, its basic insecurity and its overwhelming need for control and demystification of their heretofore secret power.

The use of the fibre-optic camera to invade and gloat over our secret parts was utterly sickening. Time and again we saw the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, the uterus glistening and exposed for all eyes to behold, the invasion of the ovary as the needle was pushed was felt physically by women whom I interviewed. Most had to avert their gaze. Once, in the program, they filmed a male subject from whom they needed to collect sperm. Prior to the operation the doctor is counselling the husband and wife. He says to her, “Your egg collection will be on Monday,” and to him, “and your procedure is on Monday as well”. Hers is an egg collection and his is a procedure, not a sperm gathering! Men show that they are very careful to protect their own. The camera follows him into the operating table, he is given a local anaesthetic but do we see his testicles? No. The doctor describes for us what he’s doing as the camera focuses on the man’s face, a change from the women who usually remained faceless, just ‘bodies’, full on, internal and external organs all exposed which have become just that, ‘organs.’ No mystery, and therefore no power. Comments from Dr Brinsden, harnessed into the fibre-optic lenses at Bourn Hall- the British home of IVF- , as he was ‘harvesting’ go like this: ‘We’re hoping for half a dozen eggs. There’s a tiny follicle, let’s have a go at him (sic). That’s a nice follicle!’ He then sucks out the contents. ‘that’s empty now-’ and then judicially he adds, ‘let’s pray there’s an egg in there ‘cos were getting desperate for eggs.’ And later, ‘We were going for five but we only got three’. She failed.

Alan Trounson who ‘pioneered’ drug induced super-ovulation and frozen embryos in Melbourne said, ‘Getting a single egg was a mug’s game. So I said to Carl Wood, “This has got to work ‘cos it works for all the animals that I’ve ever worked with” and Carl said, “why don’t you give it a go?” and he gave me some patients to work with.’ One almost thought he was going to say ‘animals’ to work with. Don’t forget-Trounson was trained as a vet. These scientist adhere to St Thomas Aquinas who said that the father was the true parent and the mother only the ‘soil’ in which the father’s ‘seed’ grows, the father’s part is ‘active’ the mother’s part is ‘passive’.

There is no Feminine in their language or in their minds. They have consciously excluded it. They set to work on women’s bodies with an enthusiasm akin to lusting after the ‘secret’ which they will then ‘expose’. Just flesh and blood, see, and we can do that! It reminds one of the enthusiasm with which the Inquisitors probed into women's labia in the witch hunts of the seventeenth century, looking for the Devil's mark. They found her clitoris and delightedly screamed 'we have found the Devil's teat'.

It is now standard IVF procedure to use the ICSI process. The scientist sucks a few sperm into a needle and then injects the sperm into the ovum which lies in the petrie dish. As I have said, to watch this procedure on television causes women to wince, make fists of their hands, for in truth the ovum is raped. But what is even more dangerous is that the scientist is choosing the sperm, not the ovum.

The human egg, once pierced, broken open is sacrificed to the sperm, sacrificed to life, sacrificed to death. The female egg shimmers, a huge globe of mystery, such a shock to the scientists last century who finally discovered its immense size in relation to the minuscule spermatozoa. The female egg is a great orb of mystery, symbolic of the World Egg, hovering, vibrating, aumming in the pulsations of the universe, the vibrations of the stars, the moon, the earth, mirroring the shape of planetary bodies, the shape of life itself, the great round, the circle of completion. The sperm, in comparison is a minuscule, wriggling, desperate, hyperactive tadpole-like seed, a shape of incompletion with a reptilian tail which enables it to swim upwards towards life, towards its own death.

The ovum must be fertilised in the fallopian tube. If it is not fertilised in the tube then it passes through the uterus in its dissolving state. It is only in the fallopian tube that the sacrifice does occur. (Amazing that in ancient times, when there were no fibre-optics and women’s bodies were inviolate, the symbolism for the fallopian tubes, the beginnings of life, were mirrored in artists’ renditions of the horns of Isis, the crescent moon, and in the cow horns sacred to the goddess Io.) When the egg is pierced the sacrifice is complete and the ovum shuts its doors. No more shall enter here. The tiny sperm is invited in by the ovum -(please note: in contradiction to male fantasy, it is not the fastest and the strongest sperm that gets in) - it breaks through the seed, cracks open the world and in so doing, from that Crack in the World comes the signal for the Soul, waiting outside the temple doors to enter. It has only that split second in time to get in there. It is enough. The Soul enters, the doors shut and the secret business of the Temple begins.

There is no outward growth, it is all inward. The cells divide within the temple, within the Dark. A human body grows inside the egg. The microcosm, the macrocosm. The woman’s body swells from within. She does not hang the baby outside. She is the protector, the container, the nurturer, the Priestess of the Temple. Her Body. Her Blood. Feeding the egg, to be embryo, to be child, to be adult. We are all grown inside the Holy Grail. We are all sacred. We come from the stars. Our souls are the pathways of our humanness.

Ancient statues of the Goddess have been continually unearthed for the past few centuries. They have been called statues of ‘fertility’ and they were said to relate to fertility rites of the ancient pagan (meaning ‘of the earth’) civilisations. My belief is that these statues were not worshipped simply as fertility symbols but, along with all the curves and labrys, the mathematically significant standing stones connected to the revolutions of planet and stars, they honoured women as representatives of the Great Mother, the container of souls.

Socrates in turning his back on poetic myth was really turning his back on the Moon-goddess
who inspired and who demanded that man should pay woman spiritual and sexual homage
-Robert Graves

The petrie dish is not the Holy Grail, nor is it a Container of Souls. A white light laboratory is not a Temple no matter how many scientists, who mistake themselves for gods, operate there. In our desperate need to unravel the mysteries of the universe, of life and everything we have tripped and fallen, we have created Matter separated from Spirit. A human being created in a petrie dish will only ever remain a collection of physiological cells; matter, doing what it’s dna suggests it do. Growth into an adult creature is assured but this creature, this ‘human’ will be missing something. It will have no access to Spirit. It will have no power to Love, to grow through Love, to understand through pain and suffering, which is the essence of the human condition, it will have no karmic memory connecting it with other lifetimes. The journey of the Soul, of spirit through matter is the reason why we are here. We are here to experience Love.

I hear many voices crying ‘but the soul enters the body at such and such a time’. It is not an arbitrary thing, this soul. In earlier centuries the male philosophers pronounced that the soul entered a man’s body some months before it would enter a woman’s body, this made them worthier; in the centuries before that time they told us that women didn’t even have a soul. Debate will rage forever amongst ecclesiasticals, abortionists and right-to-lifers to fix some definite time but it is certainly obvious if you consider this. There is only one opportunity for the soul to enter the physical body and that is at the moment of the sacrifice. The sacrifice takes place within the Temple. We do not have thousands of years of symbolism, mythology and mystery behind us for nothing. These teachings have given us paradigms, clues, lessons, symbols for the understanding of what and when it is to become human.

Others may cry ‘there is no soul’. Hard to prove. It has been documented that once a body was weighed immediately before and then after death. There was an unaccountable loss of weight recorded! I once had a miscarriage at about eight weeks and as I lay in bed, (I had begun slight bleeding three days before), I suddenly felt this vibration move through my body and then leave me. I knew that the baby had ‘died’. I knew what I was experiencing was the soul leaving my body. After a urine test my doctor insisted I was still pregnant, she was not interested in what I had to say, in what I had felt. Two days later, when the whole pregnancy came away I was rushed to hospital and given a curette. I was curious then and I talked to as many women as I could regarding their personal experiences of losing a pregnancy. With one exception they had all felt what I felt. The exception? Well maybe some of us become more conscious than others about tuning in to ourselves. There are many women who know exactly when they have become pregnant, they ‘feel it’, they receive ‘information’ from a deeper intuitive level.

IVF technology may create a ‘baby’ for you but it is the baby of science and of men - even though many women are now involved in the technology it remains a technology of the patriarchy. It is a technology that cannot think beyond the reality of cellular growth, genetic display and atomic substructures. They think they have created life in a petrie dish but all they have created is cellular growth, genetic display and atomic substructures. This is not life as we know it, as Love ordained it. And it must cease.

Doctors are now performing IVF on ‘fertile couples’ couples, who could have a natural pregnancy, so that the ‘parents’ can choose the sex of their child! It involves yet another foray with needles into the Ovum which, remember, once fertilised is a Closed System. From the two day old ‘fertilised’ ovum they extract cells to determine dna and gender. Choosing the one the client wants- and they are clients, the cost is over $10,000.00 for the service- the required male or female ovum is transferred to the incubator, called ‘the mother’, but really we all know she’s just an interim measure until they can work out the vitro-womb question and then the language will probably go like this: Look, women don't have to go through the horrors of pregnancy and all its discomfits. They can keep their figures! They can keep working! We’ll grow the baby for you! Some women have such awful births and we can offer you No More Pain. Remember Prosac was invented to stop people having to work out their life’s lessons. ‘You’re upset? Don't work out why, just take this pill and forget you’re having a lesson’.

Dr Carl Wood has been recorded talking about 'the gap'. This 'gap' he refers to is the time that an embryo must be inside the woman's womb. They can fertilise the egg, keep it going in a laboratory for a certain amount of days then the embryo must put it into the human womb but they can 'retrieve' the embryo anywhere from 22 weeks on. Wood talked about the gap as a problem, a challenge.

By the end of the last millennium we created a thing of terror and horror. Not of woman born. Not of woman conceived. What have we done? Is this the real version of the science-fiction androids of Phillip K. Dick's ‘Bladerunner’? Aren’t there already enough children on this planet who die daily for want of love and nurturing?

One father of an IVF child said on the BBC program that his desire was satisfied as, ‘I now have somebody to care for, to bring up, to devote my time to.’ Surely he could have applied those needs to a baby already born and unwanted in the world? This desire for bloodlines is dangerously close to one of self-gratification. It is not about love and nurturing and caring, it is about ownership, the great disease of the twentieth century. There is also a weird connection to Sophie's Choice: a Scientist asking, Nazi-like, childless couples to make the choice- have an IVF baby by our rules or no baby at all; have a genetically modified baby, disease-free by our rules or a 'damaged child'?

How dare they create such a dilemma and act with such power? Is it not a strange contradiction that at this time on the planet there are more children suffering than at any other time in earth's history. And also at this time there are more babies being created, who would not normally have come into being, than at any other time in our history.

Scientists have created thousands of these IVF children, many of whom are now adults.

A friend of mine, who has an IVF son, confided to me that he always felt the child was ‘a bit strange’- he could say this because his wife had subsequently had another child by natural birth processes and he was perceiving some unsettling differences.

Germaine Greer at a recent Australian Homebirth Conference suggested that there was something deeply, inherently wrong with IVF children. She was not prepared to talk about it because she was being monitored by the press.

But I know what it is now. I know from watching them on the TV, from understanding the terrifying crossing that man has taken into forbidden territory. Detached observation of those interviewed on the BBC program sends warning signals to the senses. What is the strange veil that separates them from us yet connects them to each other? What of their parents, do they detect that or do they nervously turn a blind eye? Is it really noticeable and why is there a silence around them.

When these children grow up, and we come to understand our own humanity better what do we tell them? Sorry, but we were greedy. Sorry, but we wanted power. Sorry, sorry, sorry. There must be no more of these humans, whom I call the Steptoe Cuckoos, brought to life, for what will they become? The under-race. People suggest now that it will be the un-genetically modified people who will be the under-race but I disagree. When it is proved that these IVF humans lack the Sacred Fire Within (and science will be able to do that once it is challenged - psychic visionaries and 'readers' can do it now) they will become the scapegoats of humanity.

IVF and it subsidiaries must stop. Now. It’s our choice. We must change our minds. Learning to embrace death is the last great challenge of our lives, it is the one true thing that we must accept when we are born. It is the only thing that everyone must do in this life. Can Zeus die?